What is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)?

What is a MIAM?

This is a meeting between you and a mediator to look at the various ways you may be able to find solutions to the issues facing you and your ex-partner. The meeting can last up to an hour.


Having heard from you about your particular circumstances, the mediator will help you look at the range of options available for resolving family disputes, including:


  1. Mediation – where both of you meet with a mediator to discuss and resolve issues
  2. Collaborative law – where you and both your solicitors all meet to resolve issues
  3. Negotiation through solicitors
  4. Litigation through court
  5. Arbitration


The mediator will help you look at the pros and cons of each of these options. It may be that one option is more suitable to resolve issues about the children and another to come to a financial settlement.


The mediator can also give you information about other services that provide help and support to families going through separation or divorce.


Do I have to attend a MIAM?

You do not have to come to this meeting, unless you are thinking of starting court proceedings because you cannot agree arrangements for your children (other than child protection issues) or your finances following your separation. In either of these situations, you will, usually, need to show the court that you have been to a MIAM and the mediator will give you the appropriate form, confirming this. The other person will also, usually, need to show that they have also been to a MIAM.


There are some exceptions to people having to attend a MIAM.


How much does a MIAM cost?

You will be charged £109 (inclusive of VAT) for a MIAM, unless you are eligible for Legal Aid.  The mediator can assess your eligibility for Legal Aid if you wish.