Separated Parenting Workshop – Special offer!

We have a special offer during March 2019 for our Separated Parent Information Programme (SPIP) – attend for only £50!

This one-day course is designed to help separated parents become clear about what their children need most from them and learn the fundamental principal of how to manage conflict and difficulties, including how to put this into practice.

The SPIP encourages parents to take steps for themselves. It is often better to reach an agreement away from the court and the programme can help make sure that any agreement made is based on the child’s needs. It aims to help both parents to improve communication skills as separated parent.

A SPIP might be appropriate for parents, and other caregivers with parental responsibility, when:

  • you have difficulty focusing on your children’s needs due to ongoing conflict
  • you find that your feelings and reactions to the separation are affecting your ability to communicate about your children
  • you would like communication to improve – perhaps you are thinking about mediation
  • there are no safeguarding concerns about children or parents

The programme covers:

  • Working as separated parents in the best interests of your children
  • What children need – you will watch a powerful DVD made by young people
  • Parent communication – you will be asked to think about prepared scenarios from other viewpoints and to see other practical methods that can help both parents react better to stress
  • Emotions – you will look at the emotional effect of separation or being separated parents and the options for moving forward

If this sounds like a course that can help you then please give us a call on 01223 576308, or email us on to take advantage of our March £50 special offer (usual cost is £75).