Family mediation

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, which helps joint decision making, minimising the use of courts.  Whilst the availability of legal aid to cover the costs of a solicitor has dramatically reduced, it is still available to cover the costs of mediation so for many people, mediation is free.

Family mediation is fast becoming the preferred method to resolve and prevent disputes. Where children are involved, while you may cease to be partners, you will always be parents and we believe you are the best people to decide your children’s future. We offer mediation to all, regardless of age, race, nationality, sexuality, mobility, faith and other such factors. For those whose first language is other than English, interpreter services can be provided.

Who do we help?

  • Separating couples, with or without children
  • Married couples
  • Unmarried couples
  • Same-sex couples, whether or not in a civil partnership
  • Members of the extended family, eg grandparents who may be finding it difficult to see their grandchildren
  • Teenagers who are finding it difficult to get on with their parents.

What can be discussed?

  • Where the children will live when parents separate
  • How the children will share their time between their parents
  • How much children will see of members of their extended family
  • How parents will communicate with one another in the future about their children
  • How property, pensions, other financial assets and debts are to be divided up
  • How child support is to be arranged
  • Whether any agreements are to be formalised in a Separation Deed or in divorce proceedings

Mediation is:

Confidential – nothing you say is passed on to anyone without your consent.  However, if there are significant concerns about the wellbeing and safety of children or adults, the appropriate agency will be contacted.

Privileged – what you say during mediation cannot be disclosed in court unless you both agree.

Without prejudice – decisions reached during mediation are not binding unless and until laid down in a Court Order, or set out in a legal agreement between you.  You are recommended to have a short advice-only session with a family solicitor at an appropriate stage of mediation.

Further information Why not download our leaflet on how mediation can be beneficial to you and your family. You can also view a number of videos in which clients talk about their own stories and experiences of mediation. Contact us for a confidential discussion about charges by calling 01223 576308 or emailing

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